Forland 3 Ton

Price: US$ 5080
Brand Forland
Model BJ1059VCJD6-C
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 6030×1900×2100
Inner dimensions of the cargo body (L*W*H)(mm) 4230×1810×400
cabin width 1695 single row
Curb weight(kg) 2210
Rated payload(kg) 2985
Cab/person in cab(persons) 2
Gross vehicle weight(kg) 5340
Driving type 4×2
Wheelbase(mm) 3360
Wheel track(front/rear)(mm) 1385/1425
Min.ground clearance(mm) 202
Max.speed(km/h) 104
Max.slope of climb(%) 29
Engine model BJ493ZLQ Isuzu 4JB1 Tech engine (Euro II)
Engine type four-cylinder,in-line,water-cooling,DI,four-stroke,supercharger with intercooler, diesel engine
Piston displacement(L) 2.771
Rated power(kw/(r/pm)) 80/3600
Max.torque(Nm/rpm) 245/2100-2300
Transmission model LC5T88
Transmission speed ratio i1=5.529,i2=2.782,i3=1.641,i4=1.000,i5=0.785,iR:5.271
Gearshift sketch map  gear
Rear axle main reduer ratio whole banjo type/5.375
Fuel tank(L) 120
Steering gear power steering
Brake system type hydraulic
Wheel and tyre size 7.00-16/6+1
Clutch disk diameter(mm) 260
Rated voltage for electrical equipment 12V
Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L/100km)-unloading 8.5L
Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L/100km)-full loading 11L
Basic instrucments Warmer、radio、spare wheel、adjustable steering wheel、electrical controlled engine stop

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